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I changed my email address and don’t see any way of letting you know other than this. PLEASE DELETE MY OLD ADDRESS. That address was

My new email address is

Please make this change as soon as possible, as I don’t want to miss out on any messages from Wolf-PAC.

Go little (now big) Vermont !!


Dennis “Jake” Jacobi

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I'm not an expert on CU, but have educated myself somewhat, and I've been following this decision for a little while now. I can help inform other people as to the fundamentals of this disaster and explain what it means for our political campaign process. I believe the most urgent issue facing mankind today is the climate crisis, but we are basically powerless to do anything about that until this Supreme Court decision is reversed/overturned via a constitutional amendment. That is absolutely the only way this change can be affected.
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I would consider going into the offices of our state legislators and having a little face-to-face with them about this. This would probably need to be done by appointment, one at a time, and, of course, there's no guarantee they would see me. I'm open to suggestions.

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