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Welcome to the Wolf PAC Cyber Team! 

You are the ones who will be responsible for building our online network and getting the word out through a variety of different methods.  Please sign up for a specific task to do each week or leave your suggestions below. 

Please request to join our Cyberwolf Google community page here and get into the conversation:


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Suggested sites and networking we need done.  Comment below if you can do any of these for us: 

1.  Craigslist - We should be posting about Wolf PAC in the local political section, and rotating which states

2.  Posting the Wolf PAC link in the comment section of relevant blogs around the web 

3.  Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Posting our link under related videos

4.  Contact the owners of various sites who may want to become an ally for us. 

5.  Someone to always be looking for interesting bloggers or good articles we can post to our blog/facebook etc.  

6.  Someone to find businesses to donate an item for our upcoming online auction. 

7.  We need specific landing pages built for many different topics. For example we need a page loaded with information on Mountain Top Coal Removal and how it's bad for the people living around it, and how money in politics is responsible for it.  We need a page tailored to the debt and how money in politics is responsible for it never getting fixed. Etc, etc. There are unlimited amounts of landing pages we need built. If you want to start collecting information for any of them, that would be very helpful.  

Joe Rogan Podcast/ Robb Wolf / etc

There are quite a few well known leaders/minor celebs in random areas of interest (sports/health/etc) that also make their political motivations and beliefs quite well known among their fans and followers. Two that come to mind is Robb Wolf, the man spearheading the PaleoDiet (also crossfit) movement among the health oriented community. He's let it be known he is very libertarian, and he absolutely seems like a guy who would back this and could pass this on to his 50,000 twitter followers, especially ones who agree with his political views. 

  Another is Joe Rogan and his podcast. He's got a huge following of fans from the UFC crowd to the stand-up comedy crowd to the, well, "Green" laidback crowd, and he's absolutely vocal about his political views, well more like distrust ha. He can be a little fringe sometimes, and kinda conspiracy-paranoid like in his tirades, but he's nonetheless a surprisingly informed guy who speaks his mind and he seems like someone who would certainly back this and give it vocal support on his podcast and twitter (897,084 followers, plus half his tweets are about something going on in political/social affairs usually;national as well as international)

  Basically, there are niches and communities based around things like sports, health & diet, all genres of music, uhm, cars even, etc, just all these areas of interest that usually have popular figures in them that are also politically oriented and would (depending on who it is) be great people who would maybe agree with our goal and help spread the word to their fans and followers who otherwise wouldn't hear about it because they don't usually visit the same sites, nor read and watch the same sources of current affairs we do. 

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Cyber Wolf Page

Hello volunteers!

If you wanna be on the Cyber Wolf Wolf PAC team, please join the Google+ Community. We use it to host hangouts (where we talk about current projects) and post new things about Cyber Wolf.

Feel free to request to join.

Thanks!   Brandon

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Status of Wolf-PAC Script (PHP) Idea

From the conference call today, I do have the technical expertise to build a PHP script that will use a database to organize and show what government officials we have contacted about Wolf-PAC and what they had to say about it, including something like a green or red light to indicate their response to Wolf-PAC. I can build it at anytime and have it done in at least 5 days.

Does anybody like this idea and thinks it would be worth investing time into?

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Redesign of CyberWolf

I am very excited to redesign the site. Working closely with Mike we should have something together by end of the year. Are there any particulars we should add? Any fields or options you would like? Let us know.
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Your suggestions for Facebook/Twitter Posts

One thing that came up on the last conference call is that people want a more balanced image portrayed through our social media.  Please post any links to good articles you find in the comment section here.  I don't have time to be researching great content all the time and could REALLY use some help on this one.  Thanks guys. 

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I and others that frequents Reddit will be posting and cross-posting information about Wolf-PAC and related politics on Reddit. We're doing this to spread what Wolf-PAC is and finally get money out of politics.

If you are Reddit user that would like to help, please message Mike or myself.

Thank you.

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Which Blogs should we post to?

There are a million related blogs!  We want to get a list of them and start keeping track of how often we are posting to them. 

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Which Job would you like to do?

If any of these jobs sounds like something you could do please tell us here.  We'd like to have one person focused on each task. 

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