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*Connecticut is a leading state
in the fight to limit corporate spending in elections, and has a good chance to be the first, historic state to call for the Constitutional Convention we are pushing for.

If you live in Connecticut and want to help us in any way or would like more information email:

*Doug Hausladen successfully pushed for a local New Haven resolution calling on Congress to call for a Constitutional Convention with the purpose of passing an amendment to overturn Citizens United. To read about it,  Click Here

Comments our volunteers have gotten from CT State Representatives on how they feel about money in politics. 

Robert Megna  (D - 97th Assembly District New Haven) 
"I do wish we could do public financing on a federal level.  We do also need to look at PACs and Super PACs as well as races where the super wealthy can essentially buy a seat.  As I think we see to some degree in this years Senate race."

Jonathan Steinberg  (D - 136th Assembly District - Westport) 
"Yes, I believe it's a huge problem,  which I believe is contrary to the intent of our Founding Fathers.  I believe we should adopt a campaign financing system similar to Connecticut's and legislate on the federal level to overturn the Citizens United decision to rid our country of the corrosive effects of "paid speech."

Matt Lesser (D - 100th Assembly District - Durham, Middlefield, & Middletown 
"Yes, I believe the influence of money in politics is a problem and yes I am willing to be part of the solution.  The current campaign finance system is broken." 

David Baram (D - 15th Assembly District - Bloomfield and Windsor) 
"I fully support campaign finance reform."  

Mike D'Agostino (D - District 91) 
From a volunteer:  Today I met Mike D'Agostino who is running unopposed for state representative in the 91st district.  He supports the idea of the 28th amendment and the call for a constitutional convention. 

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