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     I am torn between principle and practicality.  My useless opine: we can't fight every battle on every front.  Wolf-PAC needs money and it needs Paypal, for the moment.  Besides, not using this because of Wiki seems pointless.  It is the corruption in the system that might kill Wiki, protesting by not using Paypal only sets us back by distracting us from the fight at hand.  In a democracy with a 28th amendment, we can tackle those issues through the corrected system created by regaining our democracy.  It's too late to put out every fire.  We have to stay focused on on point because a Constitutional Convention is no easy task and we need access to all the resources we can.  I suggest we keep our eye on the prize and not cripple the movement monitarily.  We can't help Wikileaks, or anyone else for that matter, if Wolf-PAC doesn't have victory. 

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Just a note, but there is another only payment option called Serve (serve.com) which is “powered” by American Express. They’re ok, and I have never had them take a percentage of donations like PayPal does, so maybe that’s an option, though since PayPal is so big, maybe not.
commented 2011-10-26 16:23:32 -0400 · Flag
My only concern with using Paypal is that when they froze Wikileaks account, they also kept the money that belonged to Wikileaks. This is why Occupy Wall Street did not use Paypal. They have 300K in funds right now. Imagine if OWS used Paypal and then Paypal suddenly froze their account and kept all the money. It would have been a disaster. I just don’t want what happened to Wikileaks to happen to Wolf PAC.
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