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The most Patriotic apparel company in the Nation would be honored to assist this mission! You have a ton of Loyal fans.. can you imagine if even 500 sold off the bat? That’s a LOT of extra $. It’s a cool way to do a hard marketing release of a shirt! Many of our clients with Facebook presence had had MUCH success from posting the shirt template I would send you, as a “what if” contest.. “Whoever shares and reposts this t-shirt is entered to win a Free one! #1 Like our Page. #2 Share this post #3 comment the size shirt you wear.” etc.

We keep it transparent, and we DO have many referrals. We know we are not the cheapest on the block, but we are the most Patriotic, top quality, American stuff you are getting your hands on.. This reflects your company, I think you will be proud of what we create for you. Something you can stand behind, apparel that your clients WANT to put on, and are Honored to wear in public.. is our site, we are easy to find on Facebook too!

We would create a shirt for you at no charge. It’s really simple, you give me the plans, I get those plans to one of our Killer Combat Veteran Graphic Designers and they will make it come alive! We host it, you post it,and in 30 days we send you your profits… we handle it all, the drop ship to your clients, we handle the transactions, AND send YOU $ per every shirt sold. No money up front, No design or setup fees, ever.

Click here to see some examples! --> Your shirt could be next to those.

From there, just let me know if you want to keep some in house, we will work it out, prices will depend on the final image, colors, placements, and quantity needed all need to come into factor. I can create an invoice for various pieces and sizes, whenever you want some in hand.

Every shirt, American Materials, Designed,Made, tagged, folded, bagged, and shipped by hand via Vets and Patriots that have your 6…

This gear is so American…. Terrorists may combust in the presence of our T-shirts and apparel!

IF you would like to go to the next level, all We need is some direction, and We make it easy, if you could click this link, it will send you to a form that We would need completed to move forward, the first portion is only contact info, and the rest is a simple shirt build, pick some colors, throw us an idea, upload any images that you want to use. We can create something for you, we just need the ideas to get started..

Here is the form to join the Grunt Style Custom family… -> Welcome to Level II…


Bryan Duszczak

Grunt Style LLC

Tel: 877-55-GRUNT

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