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“Corporation are not people” states the spirit of the law pretty well, but in my opinion that phrase falls short of addressing the letter of the law (so to speak). And – Money in Politics has to be the single issue addressed by the amendment(s).

What I see here does a great job of specifying the ‘letter of the law’, though I harbor some fear that the inclusion of the electoral changes (paper ballots, national holiday, direct election, etc.) might dilute the focus on removing money from politics – the single issue Wolf Pac has stated as its objective.

That being said, I personally agree with the electoral items I saw. I might even hold a more radical belief that some variety of mandatory voting would be best. I just wonder if those items would be better outside of the “Money in politics” amendment.

Great article though! A lot of what I’ve read thus far has not addressed these details of Amendment wording. I like the clarity this brings to the question (for me anyways).
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I have a question: The statistic “93%” being the odds the the best funded campaign winning any particular election – where does that number come from? For me, that’s the number that makes it all happen! And… because that number tells such a truth – I would like to be able to speak with just a little scholarship about how that number is constructed. The website here doesn’t seem to offer a path to any kind of ‘forum’, So I’ll just ask the world at large.

I’m definitely open to any input I can get on this. Thanks to all.

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