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Comments our volunteers have received from Arkansas Legislators on how they feel about money in politics. 

Debbie Hobbs (R - District 96) 
"I do believe money can influence who can run for office as well as the outcome of elections. I am willing to discuss this issue with you."

Keith Ingram 
(D - District 53)  

"Yes, I believe the influence of money is a probem, and I would be interested in how such an amendment would be crafted."

Homer Lenderman  (D - District 76)
"I believe there needs to be some type of campaign reform or monitoring.  We now have many groups from outside the state that are spending a lot of money and in many cases send out lies.  So yes, I do believe that there can be elections influenced by money."

Uvalde Lindsey  (D-  District 88)
"Yes - I think the amount of money, and money's undue influence on the election progress, is harmful to the freedom of the American election process.  However, amending the Constitution is a very serious event that should be consider very carefully to determine the results of such action.  This issue should be considered, but only with great care for the rights of Americans." 

Buddy Lovell  (D - District 56) 
"I do believe that money in politics proposes a problem. It is not actually the money but the reporting of receiving money or gifts. There are a lot of requirements for reporting but these requirements do not apply to all in Government. Elected officials and candidates are required to report money and gifts received but there are those in Government who do not report gifts of money and articles of value received. I would support a change in laws to apply to everyone in Government to be required to report all gifts of money or value of gifts received."

Andy Mayberry  (R - District 27 - House) 
"Yes, I do believe that politics and elections are influenced too much by money and not enough by ideas, actions and philosophies. I'd certainly be open to hear any suggestions you may have with regard to this topic. I appreciate your interest."

Kathy Webb  (D - District 37 - House)  
"I'd like to see something done about corporate donations and super PAC's. I think the unlimited giving and particularly the giving to some independent entities where the donors aren't disclosed is bad. So short answer is yes. Am not sure if an amendment or an initiated act is the best way to go, but we do need to do something."


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