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Greetings Wolf PACers,

I know that there are mostly negative feelings towards the parties among many of you right now. Regardless of how you feel about D's or R's, it's not that hard to get to know your local representative, and in building support at the state level for our goals, knowing them and pressing on them to act will be imperative.

Most lower house members represent between 20 to 90 thousand citizens. For state senate, that can be larger. Compared to the US representatives that probably never get a chance to send you a personal response to anything, that's nothing. Pay them a visit at their office if they have one. Be friendly. Build up a good report. Tell them what you're concerned about. If they don't have an office, as many don't here in Virginia, then show up to their public events. Ask respectful questions. Talk with them afterwards. Let them know that you're serious about this, but you aren't some Tea Party member who's just here to shout.

In the words of Robert Vaughn on those horrible law office commercials, "Tell them you mean business!" 

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