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Hi Aaron,

I dropped you a line on Facebook, but I thought maybe this would be a better way to reach you. I'm sure you guys are still sorting out things at the top of this operation, but I wanted to let you know that, here in Virginia and the DC area, we are ready to go. We have elections this November, and while Wolf PAC is too new to be involved, I'd like to start talking to some of the elected officials I know about our efforts. Is there going to be a state-level PAC?
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I vote we focus on the issue at hand right now. Stick to the petition.
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@WolfPACVirginia is now up
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It’s a work in progress, but Virginia is online now. Twitter to follow.
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I signed up to volunteer for Wolf PAC. Join me!
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I've worked on local state-level elections. I've held positions in the local Young Dems, but I've been on hiatus largely because I'm sick of having to put on a happy face and support any scumbag with a D beside their name. The final straw was seeing friends abandon a fellow YD in a open seat election in favor of a guy with more money who had worked for the for-profit college industry that I knew most of them personally despised. They wanted the access and to be a "winner" as opposed to supporting someone trustworthy.

I have a pretty good mind for how things work politically from Northern Va. down to Roanoke, where I'm actually from. We need to reach not just cities, but places in between. It can't be a movement for the cities only. I want to push state level elected officials to take a stand on this or at least get talking about it, and I have the access to them to do that.
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