WOLF PACs Accomplishments and Future Expansion Plans

Since WOLF PAC has proven to be able to do monumental things through organizing just like OWS, why not do what OWS is doing any start expanding operations once the convention is over or even start now. What I mean when I say this is WOLF PAC tackled the issue of money in politics and has proven to be very resourceful, so lets start tackling other issues as well, like the most important one, CLIMATE CHANGE. What do you guys think? 

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My philosophy is Keep it Local, Keep it Simple, Keep it Focused. In small town SC most people know who the elected crooks are and what they have done. I want to use FOIA request to expose some of the corruption and hopefully it will go state wide or national.

I was very happy to hear about Bell California and what had been done to stop the corruption. If it goes well I would want to credit Wolf-PAC as my motivation.

Is this a good or bad idea? I know if it ‘goes south’ or “blows up in my face” it is all on me and I would not want to bring up Wolf-PAC.

If others are interested in using FOIA to paint corrupt local politicians in a corner I would like to discuss strategy with you… I think I can get a few request in before they understand the evidence I am collecting.

If any of you have experience with the “Weak Mayor” form of city government or know anything about corruption in “self-insured towns” I wold like to hear from you.
commented 2012-12-02 08:15:35 -0500 · Flag
Really, quite a few activist groups should be focusing on helping out groups like Wolf PAC first.
  • climate change
    (very helpful in this area, considering who the top donors and lobbyist spenders are)
  • balanced budget and fiscal responsibility
    (example: helps get rid of a culture where campaign donors get favors returned in the way of pork money legislation)
  • equality of religious rights
    (helps prevent religious groups with lots of money from influencing gov’t more than others)
  • useless gov’t subsidies
    (example: corn subsidies and ethanol subsidies have outlived their usefulness, but corn lobby is very strong in Midwest)
  • peak resources, energy issues
    (we can have an honest look at energy issues without the excessive monetary meddling of each individual industry and their biased view and singular goal to make a profit… this goes for fossil fuels and others as well)
  • military – industrial complex
    (all political stripes think there is too much waste)
commented 2012-12-02 04:40:23 -0500 · Flag
There are lots of issues that will be greatly improved when we are successful at getting the amendment passed. Not having Washington D.C. filled with Climate Change deniers who are funded by the petrol chemical industry will be only one of them. We need to focus on our current goal as members of the Wolf PAC here.
commented 2012-12-01 23:25:09 -0500 · Flag
Hans, I agree with you when you say that the main issue is so far from accomplished. My intent was not to refocus WOLF PACs energy right now or in the near future until main goal is reached even though I did word it like that so I apologize for the wording. My intent was to just throw the idea out there of the potential that WOLF PAC has even though I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the only that thought of this.
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This is probably the first of many threads like this, and it’s only going to get worse. Zain, I think you’re very enthusiastic and that’s great, but as far as what you’ve posted regarding accomplishments and expansion plans… well, let me put it this way, this is the 5th thread on Wolf PAC, so somewhere between 1 and 5 the Wolf PAC “tackled the issue of money in politics”? This thing is so far from accomplished I don’t really know how to express it in words. Talking about climate change and other issues is going to derail this thing in a heartbeat. Wolf PAC needs to be a bipartisan, singular, easy to understand campaign. Regardless of right or wrong, bringing other issues into it will only drag the principle objective of the Wolf PAC into the muck and mire of the status quo, and people will label this movement what they like and move on (no pun intended).

One amendment, one goal, one solution.
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Mike, I am not sure when the screening is because the Director has not put out that info just yet, but since I donated enough to get tickets I am really hoping to meet the TYT crew and anyone else I can so that I can finally meet some people on the same page as me. So if you can come that would be awesome because my plan in the future if I make into the legislative branch is to work with groups like Wolf Pac, OWS, Anonymous, etc. and all the not usual players on the board to accomplish my mission of saving my country because I dont trust and cannot trust anyone currently in Government positions right now. There are a few exceptions but not enough for me to make real change. I need an Army of progressives, and that Army already exists, it just needs a leader. I wish Cenk would announce tomorrow that he is running for president in 2016 and reviving the Progressive Party, but knowing him he likes what he is doing right now and I dont blame him because he is really good at it. So I figure somebody has to unite everyone and bite the bullet and take the risk of being assassinated. I was willing to die for my country yesterday, today, and still will be tomorrow, so I figure I might as well do it myself, lol. But anyways man, would be really nice to skype or something. I feel really lonely here in Tennessee (FT. Campbell) surrounded by racist conservatives. Can’t really make friends here if you know what I mean.
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For you guys at the top level, the commercials are a good idea to work on, I believe. Keep the concepts displayed simple, to the point (of course).

Start advertising to the TYT army some more, if you haven’t already.

Need official “campaign slogans” and “talking points”. Now, I’m not a fan of the way these type of things encourage simplistic thinking, but they do fit nicely on a billboard or a sign that a person can hold. Plus, they are powerful and grab attention when used correctly. Of course, we have all the detailed information here nn the website to back up these statements with appropriate logic, law, ethics, etc. These should be crafted carefully to appeal to all political stripes.

Create simple tasks that people can do to volunteer. Make them fun, too, if at all possible. We really need to focus on how to get people to get fired up about messaging their senators and reps. I’m drawing a blank on how for right now, but throwing that challenge out there.
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Zain, not sure if I’ll be at the screening of TYT documentary since I live in NH, when is it? Ryan, I agree and am trying to get some 30/60 second commercials made now. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get the word out there?
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Once money is removed from politics, quite a few issues will be MUCH easier to resolve.

For 350.org and their part, they are getting city-level local groups to organize in an independent fashion for climate change action.

I think the connections made and the methods for getting the masses involved to write their people in gov’t will be quite helpful in the future.

We need to really perfect simple methods to volunteer that can “go viral”. It seems lots of people want to get involved, but they need simple ways that fit into their lives. Giving people the links to their representatives in an email is about as served up as one can get, but we can think of creative ways to incentivize people to spread the email (or other message) virally.
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So Mike, are you coming to the screening of the TYT Documentary? It would be really awesome to meet you.
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