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The Constitutional Convention is probably the only feasible and best plan out there right now among all the different plans and ways people are trying to get money out of politics, but lets give it a hypothetical. Lets say we have the convention, and because of how dumb Americans are these days we fail to make the necessary changes to the constitution that need to be made or for whatever reason the convention fails to achieve WOLF-PACs goal. What will be WOLF-PACs contingency plan? 

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I’m glad you’ve thought this out, but I hope you realize you’re going to have to repeatedly explain and justify the logic involved. The “trust me I’ve got it figured out” phrase actually doesn’t invoke confidence :-) and I do mean this as constructively as possible…
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Nice Zain, good plan, and good idea not to get your wife too mad at you, haha.
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Your 100% right, I will do everything in my power to defeat all of these incumbents. At the same time I will do everything I can to support TYT and WOLF PAC, and as soon as I get out, I will take to the streets with OWS and try to donate as much of my time as my wife will let me…lol
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Absolutely Zain, by all means, run for office! We do plan to support candidates who we deem are on the right side of this issue, and of course brazenly go after those who aren’t. Because in our opinion, there is no justification for not wanting to get the influence of money out of our political process. None.
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What I was hoping for was me. My Contingency for WOLF-PAC is me. currently i still have 304 days left before my contract is up and I leave the Army. Next year when I get out I plan on getting my BA in LAW and running for Congress in my state after that which is GA. By 2024 I will be 38 and be eligible to run for presidency. So my plan is is very complex and I plan on releasing it the day I get out of the Army because if i do it now I am sure to get arrested. Now the likeliness of me making it to Presidency is yes I know not very likely. but the Point im trying to make is that I think WOLF PACs contigency plan should be the TYT Army. Lets motivate them and hopefully OWS to run for government positions in order to defeat and replace all these bought and crooked Politicians. That is my plan to crush the crookedness that has plagued my country that I fought for.
commented 2012-11-30 22:22:18 -0500 · Flag
Michael you make a good point, and I think people trust state legislators more than the federal government here in the US as well. In fact, with an approval rating of 10%, our state legislators probably look better than ever. I think this is key to making a constitutional convention turn into reality.
commented 2012-11-30 22:07:58 -0500 · Flag
Move to Canada! We don’t have a backup plan, we’re going to win. Seriously, that’s our attitude. But even if a perfect solution doesn’t come from a convention we are confident that it will be better one than anything that Congress could come up with. This whole thing comes down to one simple question…would you rather put this solution in the hands of our federal government or state legislators? We trust our state legislators much more, it’s not even close.
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