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Wolf Pac member running for congress in NC District 10

Need volunteers to gather signatures.

I’ve decided to step up and run for congress.

I am gathering signatures so that my name can be placed on the ballot.


We have put our trust, fates and futures in the hands of the same political powers for decades.

They demonstrate the inability to make substantial changes. They demonstrate their dedication to maintaining the status quo. I’ve worked since my teen years to successfully create change. My years of being activated and dedicated are what our country and North Carolina needs right now.

I listen, respond, research and build.

We need things to be better for all Americans.

For that, I will fight.


November 6, 2018 is our time to shift this. Our lives and our futures are on the line.

Please check out my website. I think you will appreciate my story, my platform and be excited to help me stand with our youth and move mountains. My strengths as an organizer and Youth Empowerment Advocate are what we need in OUR HOUSE! Together we can make this happen. The time is now.

The Power is US!

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