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We, the people, lost the control of our government (local, state and federal) when we got sassy, fat and happy enough to believe there was nothing more to do; we were on top.

In the early 20th century the USA learned, the hard way, that there are always a few plutocrats who are wont to be aristocrats; the Great Depression and World War II got us shaken, bodily, out of that funk.

By the end of the 20th century we had forgotten the price that we, the people, had paid to get the success, the Great Society, we had achieved. There are no threats like the Nazis or the Soviets to focus our cumulative capacity for greatness upon, so here we languish.

If we want our government’s attention the easiest way is to vote. Too many of us do not exercise that power, of the vote, that many have sacrificed, too many having made the ultimate sacrifice, to secure for us.

1% may have most of the money, but 99% have almost all the votes!

We can not all be bought, but when we don’t vote we give our power away for free!

Register and Vote in every election, and encourage everybody you know to do same!

Votes Count!
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1% may have all the money, but 99% has almost all the votes.

One might find a case about political spending to take to court, but it’s going to need to go all the way to the SCOTUS.

Or, one could point out (to as many folks as possible) that a bill to rectify the situation requires a US Congress that actually works with the President… Something we Progressives, Liberals, Independents and Democrats did not vote for (because, to too large a degree, we didn’t vote) in 2010 and 2014.

For voter activity to be effective in the function of state governments we all have to vote in multiple elections, held at various times of the year. Shared ballots and election cycles are way too efficient for incumbent politicians.

Politicians and diapers should be changed often, for the same reason!

We can not all be bought, but when we don’t vote we give our power away!
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Get out the voters and take our country back!
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1% may have most of the money, but 99% have almost all the votes; simple math.

The proposed 28th amendment to the Constitution (attempting to rectify the ill effects of the Supreme Court’s error in both the ‘Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission’ and the ‘McCutcheon, et al. v. FEC’ case verdicts) is a band-aid to cover the 99%’s abdication of the power of the vote in a democratic republic.

In 2008 and 2012 the plutocracy attempted to buy the White House for a business/plutocrat friendly candidate. Both efforts were thwarted, demonstrating the power of the vote so dramatically that gerrymandering, voter ids and restricted polling times were used to rein in access to voting (for those who were thought to be prone to voting for Democrats).

The plutocracy is attempting to buy mid-term (in 2014, as they did in 2010) elections to create a Tea Potty, Republican dominated group of state legislatures and, of course, the US Congress; the legislature that says, “NO!” to everything President Obama proposes.

If the 99% were to exercise their vote, in all elections, we could eventually retake the republic and return it to the concept: of, by and for the people.

Let’s fix the problem; put the band-aids back! Voting is a responsibility, and we’ve already demonstrated what happens when we don’t exercise that responsibility… It ain’t pretty!


Stephen M. Wyman

Candidate for TX House, HD 20, in 2014

Give, “Hope and Change,” a Chance… and a Push!!!

Turn TX Blue in 2014!
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I'm a candidate for TX House, HD 20.
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I'm a candidate for TX House, HD 20. Turning TX Blue!
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I’m not contributing because I am a candidate for TX House, HD 20, and raising money for my own campaign. Turning TX Blue!
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Candidate for TX House of Representatives, HD20, in 2014... Turning TX Blue!
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In the prosperity that followed WWII folks stopped voting and that led politicians to believe, accurately, that few constituents were paying attention. The politicians started a process of keeping their jobs, instead of doing them. Yes, both parties share responsibility, but the party that has profited enormously from returning power to those who can afford to purchase it (see the history just prior to the Great Depression, the S&L debacle and the Great Recession) is Republican.

The answer is folks returning to paying attention and voting. Some (mostly radically right conservatives) suggest to the average Joe/Jane that politics is too complex; leave it to us! People need to know that one does not need to understand everything… We can pick, as few as one, subjects and vote on the basis of that understanding.

The 1% may have most of the wealth, but the 99% have almost all the votes! Simple math!!!

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