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Concerning the “Runaway Conventions”:

When representing Wolf PAC to legislators, I have been stymied by this issue several times. I end up in a technical discussion of constitutional details that satisfies nobody.

Have we hired a constitutional scholar on the national level to write us a white paper about what the Title V convention would look like and why it could be contained? Seems like it would be money well spent. These politicians we’re talking to aren’t crazy. They have legitimate concerns.

It would be nice if instead of arguing it out we could just tell them to have a staffer review our white paper on the topic. Surely this has been analyzed before.

The DoJ report is useful, but it’s 62 pages long and most of it is not germane to our issue. An example of what I’m thinking about is here:

but I would want something that makes the case more forcefully.

It would be nice to be able to put this issue to bed rather than re-litigating it with every meeting.

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