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It occured to me that if help is needed in Indy, which it truly is, if there was a general ideology on paper, and say, someone "influential" (cough) called local media in Indianapolis that a clear message for Indiana was being read so that everyday people could understand whats going on with Wolf PAC and the occupy idea in general.  Just an idea with apparent flaws but I wanted to add something.  Just to note, even as a 17 year union steelworker, the hardest thing I fight is apathy because people think its too complicated to deal with.  I think a powerfully spoken one-shot to educate puts the idea on the offensive in this state.

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I was with the local 2320, Electrical Workers until last month when I got laid off. You’re 100% right, we need a soundbyte to repeat all over the country. My own opinion is it should be: “Get corporate Influence out of our political system completely” Everybody agrees with this, it is understandable and populist. How we are going to do this? We are going to pressure our representatives in each state by threatening to not re-elect them on this ONE issue, that’s why spreading the word of this movement is so crucial, all politicians, and just as importantly all citizens must know about it. End result will be an amendment that takes away corporate personhood and any corporate influence whatsoever in our government.
I am building a site for New Hampshire now that will include a list of every rep. in our state and whether or not they support this idea. If they do not support it our volunteers will start a local petition to keep them from getting re-elected. That’s how democracy should work anyway, but unfortunately the media has failed us miserably so we must act as the media now and inform people. Cenk has done an incredible job of putting this movement together and I believe he is the right leader to get this accomplished, and we will win!
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I am an Iron worker out of Louisville, local 70. Going on 15 years now. I must agree with you as well. Apathy and complacency are our most worrisome foes. I’m definitely glad to see you here Chris. Good luck with everything and stay safe up there.
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