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This isn't so much a sugguestion as it is a question, but the responses will hopefully make good tips. Does anyone have advice for approaching assistants? (I.E. people taking calls at offices) I have no idea how to deal with them and it just makes the whole process really awkward and unproductive.

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Slim, yes that is true Thank you for clearing that up.
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Check out this page: Good Stuff there and the Cenk’s last video talks about how we are going to get the amendment passed.
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Sorry Tim, my comment was unclear and you misunderstood. Karin mentioned that state reps were telling her that congress could pass the amendment and that the convention wasn’t needed. I mentioned the failure of congress to pass the disclose act as evidence she could use against that claim. Sorry for the confusion.
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@ Todd, I’m not sure what karen said, was that on this thread? I don’t see it anyway on here. We only need to know is how the reps feel about these 2 questions, that is all: We just want to document their stances.
1. Do you believe that the influence of money in politics is a problem?
2. If so, would you be open to an amendment to the constitution to fix this problem? Y/N
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To Salim, That’s why we are calling State Reps to get them to call for a constiutional convention as Read Through this page; Alexander Hamilton talks about in the “final argument” of the Federalist Papers said that an Article V Amendment process was the means by which the states could reign in an out-of-control federal government. This is what we’re doing. getting the states to call for a Constitutional Convention calling for the amendment from the states. We need 3/4 of the country to accomplish this. Have you watched Cenk’s video’s? It’s all in there. I recconmend you watch this one hour video Cenk goes over it all. There are a few slow areas but well worth the watch.
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Congress couldn’t even pass the Disclose Act, there’s no way they’ll pass an amendment. That’s another thing you can say to counter the “It can still be done on the federal level” contention.
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Building on what Karen said I’ve also asked whether they want their tenure in office determined by their effectiveness and ideas or by their, or their opponent’s, ability to raise money.
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you can just tell them that you are just looking for the Reps stance on a this Issue. which is; does the Representative think that money in politics is a problem? If the anwser is yes then you can ask; if they would support an amendment to the constitution to fix this problem?

even if the anwser is no we want to document their anwser so we know where they stand.

I hope this helps
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I just talk to them as if I were talking to the Representatives. You aren’t going to get to talk to them directly at first, the staffers will be relaying the message. I usually just say something like ‘I wanted to ask Rep. Joe Shmoe if he believes that the influence of money in poitics is a problem and if so, would he be willing to be part of the solution?’

They then usually ask what this entails and I try to answer their questions as best I can. I have been getting several times that congress could pass the amendment, and a convention wouldn’t be needed, but I usually counter this with the 93%, 94% stats and say something like ‘It would be like asking me to tell someone not to give me fifty bucks’.

Try your best to talk to the Reps themselves, but most of the time you will be talking to the staffers.
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