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Aaron...I'm in Collegeville, PA...can you call me at your leisure? 610-733-3934. Don't know whether to attend a meet up across town in Glenside, PA (already rsvp but when referred someone told it was full/closed) or host my own event....please advise.
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Has anyone been in touch with Nathan Kleinman? He is the first "Occupy" candidate to run. He is challenging Allyson Schwartz in the Democratic primary in the 13th district of PA. He is accepts no corporate donations and is focused on overturning citizens united.
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I am in the Philly suburbs and can help if we organize anything locally…I’m in montco.
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I signed up to volunteer for Wolf PAC. Join me!
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I signed up to volunteer for Wolf PAC. Join me!
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guys...I'm so sorry ...I keep missing the calls. I am working 3 jobs 7 days a week....that is why I occupy in my spare time (spare time, an oxymoron in my life) but still want to help if I can...Sincerely! Hank
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Please RSVP: Wolf-PAC leadership call

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