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Please RSVP: Wolf-PAC leadership call
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I am a JMU student and some of my friends are already becoming interested in this movement. I would like to bring the ideas and views of Wolf-Pac not just to my college but surrounding harrisonburg (of which i believe we have a very small occupy movement) and Rockingham county area. Thank you
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Help Fight Corporate Personhood. Join the @WolfPAChq Sign our petition!
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I'm only a smelly college student in his second year but this feels like something I know a lot of people have been waiting for. Generally, I'm very sociable, I've never met a stranger in my life and I feel like this is something I can share with my community and college. From what I know of recent history, many great movements typically spawn out of campuses across the country like they did during the war in Vietnam and I feel like this is a perfect time to reinforce the time honored tradition of proactive youth. Organizations can be started at local levels like these colleges and can spread to the rest of the state so that more and more people will become informed and help to stop this taxation without representation. We are now not only over taxing under represented constituents but also future generations that have not yet even been thought of and this to me is one of the greatest travesties of this corrupt revolving door we call government and big business. Please send me any information and ideas that can help get this ball rolling.

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