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Having heard of Rep. James Maroney's move to sponsor campaign finance reform in Connecticut, I'd like to commit to assisting the initiative in any means possible. The issue of money's pernicious and corrupting influence in politics undergirds every important civil debate of our time. It is currently the greatest impediment to progress we're facing, and the Supreme Court has failed multiple times (vis-a-vis Buckley v. Valeo, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission) to enforce what in the past was seen as common sense protections for the integrity of our democracy. Since Congress has demonstrated their disinterest in tackling an issue which most Americans are greatly concerned with, the prospects of the legislative branch regulating and ruling against the Supreme Court's decision seem slim. As such, utilizing Article V provisions to call for a state's convention under the specific premise of campaign finance reform seems like the most worthy endeavor. Even if such a campaign cannot achieve quick success, we'll do well to remember that many marks of civil progress (such as the ability of men to vote without property or woman suffrage) occurred on the state level before galvanizing a national discussion and eventual large-scale decision. As Connecticut has been at the forefront of certain progressive initiatives in recent years (such as legalizing same-sex marriage and decriminalizing cannabis), it would seem to be a fertile ground for this movement to metastasize and gain traction.
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