A third party is the only way and the only persons I can come up capable to lead such a party on a Pres./V.P. slate is Eliot Spitzer(D) and Shelia Bair(R). Both have taken on the powers that be and won. Bair looked Geithner in the eye and told not just no, but hell no, when Geithner wanted to take toxic bank assets and sell them to the FDIC. OK, it can be Bair and Spitzer. I don't care and I imagine they don't either. Give these guys 4 yrs and they will turn over some rocks that Obama/Holder won't acknowledge exist.

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I like both of these people. Spitzer might have a hard time do to the fact he got busted. But he would be able to articulate the problems as good as anybody. But the truth is we need somebody that has a platform and less baggage. How about David Stockman, or William Black ?
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